Paolo Colombo

Piazza Armando Diaz 7, 20123 Milano, Italia
Tel.: +39 02.4070.1644
Fax: +39 02.4070.2478

He is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Administrative Law of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

As a professional, for more than thirty years he has acted as counsel of private and public administrative entities (local entities, public consortium, government-owned companies and mixed capital companies) handling in Court and out of court the various aspects of the administrative activities carried out by such entities.

In such capacity, he has acquired a vast experience in all fields of such activity and, in particular, in the field of designations of origin, public services, real-estate development, public procurement, town planning and construction, export, administrative responsibility.

In addition to many articles and papers, he has published the following monographs:

  • I diritti di uso pubblico – Struttura e funzione, Giuffrè, 1991.
  • Il potere di avocazione del Ministro, Tedioli, 1997.
  • L’intervento del Ministro sugli atti di gestione, Maggioli, 2004.