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New technologies baffo

New technologies

New technologies

Research and innovation

No scientific discovery, no innovative idea, no discovery has been able to influence human society as the internet has. In a short time it has caused not only the “destruction” of traditional business models but also a change in society, which has given rise to a set of businesses which operate and are fuelled by the presence of human beings in a large electronic network.

Despite this resounding impact, the internet and, in general, new technologies are still in an initial stage, and changes occur at an unpredictable frequency and speed. Several researchers claim that over the next 20 years, man will be able to make more progress than in the previous 200, due to a set of concurrent factors, including the extensive growth in the range of technologies, 3D printing, big data analysis and robotics.

Thus, we are poised on the threshold of a world that will be dominated by exponential technologies.

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