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Simone Bonavita

Simone Bonavita

Simone has worked with the firm since 2008, after obtaining a second level degree in law from the University of Milan, with a dissertation on privacy, new technologies and digital investigations and a master’s degree (LLM) from Alma Mater – University of Bologna, in law of new technologies and IT law.

Simone also obtained a PhD in law and new technologies from Alma Mater – University of Bologna, with advisor Prof. G. Sartor, with a doctoral dissertation on the processing of data in hyperconnected society.

In the firm, he concentrates his work almost exclusively on the sector of new technology law, specifically focusing on law of digital communications, privacy and protection of personal data, Internet Service Provider liability, social media governance, gaming, digital investigations and computer forensics. He also offers consulting services in the fields of IT product or service contracts and free software.

Simone is a Temporary Lecturer on the Processing of Sensitive Data at the University of Milan, for the current academic year and Assistant Lecturer on Law and IT (Prof. G. Ziccardi) at the same university.

Associations: EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).