Prize contests

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Prize contests

Prize contests

Prize contests are usually partially commercial initiatives aimed at favouring, through the promise of prizes, the awareness of products, services, companies, brands or trade marks or promoting the sale of goods or services within the country.

Prize contests may be carried out only by manufacturing or commercial companies that supply or distribute goods or services.

The companies need not have an establishment in the European Union or a permanent establishment in Italy. However, in that case, they must use a tax representative that is resident in the country.

Promoters are required, in compliance with Italian Presidential Decree 430/2001, to carry out a set of procedures, including drawing up contest regulations, to be filed electronically with the Ministry.

Therefore, it is not enough to merely comply with the procedures to ensure the lawfulness of a prize contest. Certain initiatives are prohibited by current regulations and some types of conducting contests (for example, contests through social networks) are lawful only under specific conditions.

Perani Pozzi Associati specifically provides its consulting services to traditional communications agencies and digital agencies for the purpose of defining prize contests or prize-based initiatives, both national and international.