Gaming baffo



In the past, the term videogame was almost a synonym of games such as Pong or the relatively more recent Pac-Man or Space Invaders. Today the gaming industry has seen exponential growth. Technological innovation has thus resulted in the extreme dissemination of social games, games specifically for mobile phones (Android, iOS), in addition to traditional console games, which have evolved in the most varied of ways.

Virtual reality, profiling, purchasing digital goods and using virtual currencies are only some of the technologies now integrated in the most common modern videogames.

Not only has the technology changed, but how gamers play has also changed.

We are seeing the dissemination of online gambling and betting platforms, which do not always comply with the rules governing these matters.

Perani Pozzi Associati offers its assistance to software houses and gaming multinationals, as well as to other companies. The firm’s professionals have accrued significant expertise also in assisting companies whose products appear in videogames and wish to correctly negotiate the conditions for licensing their trade marks or the way their products are represented.