Electronic payment systems

Electronic payment systems baffo

Electronic payment systems

Electronic payment systems

The development of payment systems capable of exploiting the potential of today’s technology has had a profound impact on the habits of individuals, businesses and the public administration, improving the fluidity of transactions and supporting the economic growth of numerous companies, especially those operating in the field of e-commerce.

The development of technologies has also resulted in the increased use of the internet and mobile phone to make payments (known as e-payments and m-payments).

Perani Pozzi Associati assists banks and payment institutions with electronic payment systems and their compliance with the Directive on Payment Services in the internal EU market.

The firm has also acquired significant experience on the issues of phishing, identity theft and viruses aimed at robbing the credentials for access to banking systems used by account holders.

The firm’s professionals have defended banks in legal proceedings in numerous disputes regarding phishing and attacks perpetrated through Trojans, such as Zeus (Zbots) or Pandemiya.

The firm has also worked with companies offering services for monitoring banking transactions or which have designed secure solutions for money transfers.