Brand protection & brand reputation

Brand protection & brand reputation baffo

Brand protection & brand reputation

Brand protection & brand reputation

While in the past, the duty of verifying the reputation and reliability of an entity was the exclusive prerogative of certain organisations, this process is now carried out online, more efficiently and involving everyone. Opinions are shared on social media and incorrect conduct is usually punished.

Thus, reputation becomes an asset on the labour market which serves to acquire new jobs and self-branding activities can be considered a type of work on intangible assets, purposefully undertaken to gather attention and improve reputation and, in the final analysis, generate greater profits.

The creation of a digital identity thus becomes a function of the image economy, in which it is crucial to monetize attention, awareness and fame. Online reputation is becoming a trading currency, which one can no longer do without: the trend is showing the confirmation of a reputation economy.

The firm offers consulting services regarding online reputation and brand protection, both in and out-of-court. The professionals handle the issue with a multi-disciplinary approach, overseeing the preparation of policies and assisting the firm’s clients in cases of crisis management. Where necessary, open source or proprietary software is used to collect and analyse information, in order to support companies in their specific decisions.

The firm assists not only companies but also reputation agencies, at times coordinating these agencies with digital agencies, offering legal assessments of actions intended to build digital identities or brand imaging.