Patents baffo



From a preventive analysis of any possible conflicts, the subsequent preparation of warning letters and the initiation of legal action against third parties, Perani Pozzi Associati offers assistance in the defence of exclusive rights on inventions and utility models.

Patent consulting involves legal as well as technical expertise. For this reason, Perani Pozzi Associati guarantees clients comprehensive assistance covering all aspects, with attorneys working alongside patent experts, both in drawing up legal opinions and in providing assistance in legal proceedings.

The patent attorneys that Perani Pozzi Associati uses have long-term legal experience also as court-appointed expert witnesses and can assist clients in any technological field, including electronics, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information communication technology (ICT), nanotechnology and others.

Also in the field of patents, the firm specialises in drawing up agreements, specifically usage, licence, assignment and technology transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements to protect unpatented know-know and joint development agreements of new technical solutions.

The firm also offers assistance to businesses in managing relations with employees and freelance workers that contribute to the invention process.