Copyright baffo



The objective of copyright is to provide protection to creativity, allowing authors to exclusively use their works, to claim the ownership thereof, to decide whether to publish such works, to authorise all types of use and to receive the related compensation for the use thereof and the underlying work.

Perani Pozzi Associati supports authors during their creative processes, suggesting the best strategies to protect their works.

The firm also assists companies that use intellectual property, specifically in drawing up usage, licence, publishing, assignment and distribution agreements, based on its extensive experience in various sectors: music, music publishing, recordings, literary works, print publishing, digital publishing, photography, figurative and plastic arts, objects of design, software and databases and image protection.

The firm also provides assistance in disputes regarding copyright, from breach of contract to unlawful use, including use on the Internet.

Perani Pozzi Associati can also offer consulting services for relations with copyright collecting societies for authors, artists and interpreters (e.g. S.I.A.E., S.C.F., A.F.I., Nuovo IMAIE, Itsright and SoundReef).

Specific attention is focused on the protection of software, which can be protected using the specific register managed by the S.I.A.E.: specialised consultants provide their technical and legal experience for the assessments requested.